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Animal Registries Of America is an animal registry organization offering registration opportunities to a variety of species including bovine, canine, feline, swine, goat, sheep, and exotics, but with a primary focus on equines. We are a nonprofit organization, providing registration services in a convenient and affordable manner. Located in Proctor, TX we are just a stone’s throw away from Stephenville, the Cowboy Capital of the World.

Within this organization, we offer 2 different ‘’books” or registries. Neither is ‘better’ or more desirable. Some horses may qualify for just one of the two. While others may qualify for both!

>>> The American DNA Registry, or ADNAR:

was initiated with the aim to make registering animals simple and accessible to owners, removing all obstacles that are commonly associated with many animal’s ineligibility for registration. We understand the importance of registering your animal and therefore seek to make it a simple and affordable process through our registry. ADNAR is proud to register animals of all breeds and types, including clones. We know that your valuable animal makes it essential for you obtain proof of ownership and authentic registration for the animal so it can easily be identified by age, parentage, and pedigree.

Animals registered with ADNAR are identified by a registration number as well as a DNA case number. The registration certificate holds the essential data of the animal, including name, date of birth, parentage, pedigree, color, sex, ownership and ownership history. The full genetic marker report obtained via DNA test is also included on each certificate. This is your animal’s true identity. Registration provides a variety of purposes including proper identification, proof of ownership, age and parental verification, breeding purposes and offspring registry, eligibility to enter shows, competitions, races, futurities, and more. ~~

>>> The American Quarter Horse Registry, or AqHR:

Was originally founded in the late ‘90s as the American Half Quarter Horse Registry. We just recently dropped the ‘half’ to eliminate any negative connotation that may have been previously associated. However, the qualifications remain SIMPLE and the same as they always have:  the horse to be registered must be verifiably (via pedigree) a MINIMUM of ½ Quarter Horse. The number of purebred Quarter Horses that are issued certificates through our office is quite significant though.

We have incurred rapid growth over the past several years as the equine world has evolved and we are dedicated to promoting,  registering, recording, and preserving the Quarter Horse pedigrees internationally. The AqHR has a close working relationship with the AQHA, including a data share agreement in place and is also well established with the APHA and ApHC.

President & Founder

Margaret Stelter

Margaret has always been an entrepreneur, launching, taking over, and reinventing several businesses.

Margaret took over what was a the time The American HALF Quarter Horse Registry in April of 2013. The founding of The American DNA Registry in 2015 was just a small part of the slow and steady growth of what ultimately became Animal Registries Of America in 2020. Margaret continues to implement courses of action to grow the organization to be a known name in the equine world, including launching the Universal DNA Database and the upcoming elite money added incentive program, On Point Performance, of which all horses within the organization will be eligible for.

She has been involved with horses all of her life, acquiring the passion form her mom.

Margaret resides in Stephenville,Texas (The Cowboy Capital Of The World) with her husband, 4 kids, and, of course, multiple dogs and horses. She raises and trains German Shepherd Dogs. Other interests include equine rescue & rehab, rodeo, fitness & nutrition, and the operation & growth of one of her other business ventures: Doggie Daycare. 

Advisory Board

Blake Russell

President ViaGen

Background:     Oklahoma State University (BS Animal Science),    Emory University (MBA)

Industry Experience:   President of ViaGen LC       2007-Present

Global leaders in SCNT technology with operations and licensees around the world Providing genetic preservation and cloning services for horses, cattle, pigs, goats, sheep, deer, dogs, cats, and multiple types of endangered species Own and stand cloned stallion produced from DNA of Tailor Fit (2 time AQHA World Racing Champion) Breed, raise, and train horses for western speed events. 2nd generation horse breeder, owner, and active industry participant

25+ year career in livestock industry bringing reproductive and genetic solutions to operations around the world.

Gregg O. Veneklasen

Owner, Timber Creek Veterinary Hospital

Background:   DVM – Colorado State University, Fort Collins, Colorado: January 1983
B.S. – Colorado State University, Fort Collins, Colorado: May 1978
Bovine Reproduction and Management (A.I Certification) – December 1978

Industry Experience:   February 1989-Present: Owner-Timber Creek Veterinary Hospital, Canyon, Texas.

September 1986 – February 1989: Resident veterinarian, Joe Kirk Fulton at the Fulton Ranch, Giddings, Texas.

February 1983 – September 1986: Resident Veterinarian, Dan Urschel – 3-D Ranch, Canadian, Texas.

Darren Blanton

Founder of Colt Ventures & Owner of Copy Cat, the genetic replica of High Brow Cat

Background: Founder and managing director of Colt Ventures

Industry Experience:    Darren has been involved in the cutting horse industry for many years and his horses have earned more than $1.4 million in the show pen. Not only does he participate as an owner but he is also an active competitor, having ridden horses to more than $400,000 in earnings since 2000. In 2013, Darren purchased leading cutting horse sire High Brow Cat and his genetic replica Copy Cat to expand his breeding program.

Jason Abraham

Partner, Abraham Brothers LLC

Jason Abraham is a fourth-generation resident of Hemphill county in the Texas panhandle. Jason and his wife of 25 years, Bonnie, raised their two children on the Mendota Ranch southwest of Canadian.

Jason is a graduate of Canadian High School and attained an Associate’s Degree in Ranch and Feedlot Operations from Clarendon College. During his last year at Clarendon, he and his brothers along with their grandfather started Abraham Investments. This company was set up to buy, improve and resell ranch land. More importantly, it was an opportunity for Malouf Abraham, Sr. to teach the three grandsons how to make a deal. After the death of their grandfather, the three brothers continued on in a new company appropriately named Abraham Brothers LLC. They bought land, mineral and water rights. A major portion of the water owned by Amarillo was bought from Abraham Brothers LLC. To this day, Abraham Brothers LLC continues to be a very profitable partnership.

In 1994, the family moved to the Mendota Ranch southwest of Canadian. That same year, he began helicopter flight school. He obtained his private helicopter rating and later commercial rating with 23 years of flying. Shortly after, Jason became interested in equine reproduction. Attending two equine reproduction short courses at Colorado State University and standing a couple of stallions led to the interest in embryo transfer. This led to the idea of maintaining a large herd of recipient mares which are used for embryo transfer, cloning and ICSI. The large number of mares on the ranch allowed for reproductive trials and research projects to be conducted. These trials and projects were extremely beneficial to Jason. One of these studies gave Jason the crazy idea to try to impregnate a mule with a quarter horse embryo. It was a success and Lou was the first mule to ever give birth and raise a quarter horse.

Around this time, ViaGen contacted Dr. Gregg Veneklassen and Jason about cloning. This began a relationship with ViaGen in equine cloning that quickly expanded into other species. It has been a very beneficial relationship for all. Gregg and Jason are also partners in their own deer cloning company, Wildlife Reflections. In the last year, Jason has developed IVF protocols for deer. Jason has been involved in the cloning of horses, cattle, deer, goats, pigs and cats. The cloning lab at the ranch is one of only a few in the nation. This is the lab that cloned the YG1 cattle for WTAMU. Jason was awarded the First-Choice award by WTAMU in 2016. He continues to expand his knowledge of reproduction by surrounding himself with likeminded experts.