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American DNA Registry

Your passion is our passion here at the American DNA Registry.

We are the only registry for clones and their offspring making them futurity eligible, including PacWest, BFA, NCHA, and more! Submit the form below. We will respond with your DNA kit and your payment invoice via email. That’s all that’s required to get your horse’s certificate. But ADNAR is not just limited to clones. It is now open to all breeds and types. Use the Register Now link above to use our simple online submission form or download an application and return it via email or postal mail.

Protecting your animals through registration is crucial for proof of ownership, ownership history, and age verification. Each animal registered with ADNAR is not only identified by a registration number, but also a DNA case number. This is your animal’s true identity. Each certificate also includes up to three generations of pedigree and lineage as available. Originally formed to provide registration opportunities to clones and their offspring, ADNAR is now open to all breeds and types. Our largest division is Equine. There are also books for bovine, swine, goat, sheep, canine, feline, and exotic.