AHQHR Registration Checklist

Prior to beginning AHQHR’s simple online registration process, please review the following checklist to make sure your necessary documents are easily accessible for uploading. If you are unable to access your documents on your computer and would prefer to send them via USPS or email, please fill out the form to the best of your ability and click here for our mailing information. If you have any questions regarding registration, please call our office anytime at (254) 592-7827 and an AHQHR representative will be happy to assist you.

A Copy of the Registered Sire and/or Dam’s Papers

If you do not have these readily available to upload during the registration process, please proceed. AHQHR offers several convenient ways to help you acquire pedigree information including purchasing pedigrees from breed databases and performing in-depth pedigree research for our members.

Any and All Registration Numbers and Names

The more information you provide us for the registered horses in your horse’s pedigree, the better! Our registration certificates are highly detailed and we even offer an “Enhanced Pedigree” option which allows you to customize your pedigree with the D.O.B., color, height, and/or earnings of ancestors!

Photographs of Your Horse and/or Markings Form

You will be asked to upload 4 photographs of your horse taken from the front, back and both sides so we can clearly document your horse’s markings. You will also have the highly recommended option of adding a color photo to your pedigree. To proceed without photos, print and scan our Markings Form.

Completed and Signed Breeder’s Certificate

For foals under 12 months of age at the time of registration, we require a Breeder’s Certificate to be signed by both the stallion owner and the mare owner. You may also choose to proceed without the certificate, in which case your papers will be finalized as soon as it is received.

Proceed to Our Online Registration

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Transfers, Changes and Certificates

Transfer Ownership
Have you purchased or sold a registered AHQHR recently? Now easier than ever before, transferring ownership can be completed online by both parties and once AHQHR receives the original registration certificate via USPS, the pending transfer process will be finalized and the new owner (buyer) will receive their registration certificate in the mail.
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Register Your Horse with American DNA Registry
Your passion is our passion here at the American DNA Registry. For clones, offspring of clones, rescue horses, and other horses that may not qualify for Half Quarter Horse registration, use this simple process. All fees are inclusive: no membership required and the DNA test is included. Join other equine enthusiasts and professionals in registering your horse with the organization that boasts such bloodlines and pedigrees including High Brow Cat, Charmayne James' "Scamper", Tailor Fit, Lynx Melody, Frenchmans Guy, Hot Shot, Meradas Little Sue, and so many more!
Each animal registered with ADNAR is not only identified by a registration number, but also a DNA case number. This is your animal’s true identity.
Click Here to Register Your Horse
Registration Certificate Changes or Corrections
AHQHR will gladly correct any clerical errors on our part within 3 months of the original issue date. We will also make the appropriate change when a stallion is gelded. As a member, you may choose to make other changes and/or additions to your horse's registration certificate such as adding a color photo, DNA verification or choosing our all new "Enhanced Pedigree" option.
Click Here to Request Changes or Corrections
AHQHR Breeder's Certificate
Horses under the age of 12 months at the time of registration with the AHQHR are required to have a Breeder's Certificate signed by the owners of the sire and/or dam (if registered). AHQHR makes this process very simple for breeders to quickly fill out and sign a Breeder's Certificate online.
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